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Trust Deed of the Mōkai Pātea Waitangi Claims Trust
The Mokai Patea Waitangi Claims Trust is established under this deed of trust to, inter alia, further the claims of the confederated iwi of Mokai Patea against the Crown for historical breaches of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
Download Trust Deed of the Mokai Patea Waitangi Claims Trust (PDF - 4.2MB)


Tribunal Documents
First Amended Statement of Claim - Dated this 4th day of April 2011 (PDF - 95kb)


Registration Form

Registration Form


Ka Rere ki te Ao! - The Trust's Pānui

July 2012

August 2013


Current Research Documents

Local Government Rating and Native Township Scoping Report

The Rangitikei River, its tributary waterways, and other Taihape Waterways Scoping Report

Taihape Environmental Impacts Resource Management Wahi Tapu and Portable Taonga Scoping Report

Taihape Inquiry Sub-district Block Study_Southern Aspect

Taihape Central Blocks Final Oct 2012

Taihape Northern Blocks

Taihape: Rangitikei ki Rangipo Inquiry Technical Scoping Report