Substantive Hearing Week 5 Rata Marae 5 – 9 March 2018

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Substantive Hearing Week 5 of WAI:2180 Taihape District Inquiry at Rata Marae got under way on Monday 5 March 2018.

Day 1 & 2 will see 12 Tangata Whenua Witnesses from the Mōkai Pātea Waitangi Claims Trust Claimant group provide evidence of the impact of breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi from a Ngāti Hauiti perspective.

Technical Witnesses will follow on the balance of Day 2 & Day 3 focusing on the Central District Block Study (Subasic and Stirling)  and Native Township Report (H Bassett). Wai 1254  Poutama & Ngāti Marukohana and Wai 2157 Heeni Matene & Pokairangi Ranginui claimants will provide their opening submissions on the balance of Day 3.

Day 4 will start with Ngāti Hinemanu, Ngāti Paki and will conclude with a Judicial Conference on Crown Forests and Landlocked Lands.

Day 5 has been reserved if required by the Tribunal.

This weeks hearings followed:

  • Hearing Week 4 at Winiata Marae (December 2017), where Ngāti Hinemanu, Ngāti Paki and Ngāi Te Ohuake perspective of evidence was provided.
  • Hearing Week 3 at Taihape Area School (October 2017), Ngāti Whitikaupeka Perspective
  • Hearing Week 2 Palmerston North (May 2017) evidence about the Rangitikei River/tributaries
  • Hearings of Kōrero Tuku Iho Rata (March 2017) evidence have been held; as well as evidence presented by Mōkai Pātea Nui Tonu.


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